When the project started in 2017, Sapient was tasked with designing, building and maintaining a trio of apps for Liberty Mutual that allowed users to have their driving measured and receive a discount based on how well or how much they drive. 

Fortunately when I joined the team in 2019, it coincided with Liberty Mutual's rebranding of their identity. This presented us with the opportunity to redesign the apps from the ground up and align them with the new Liberty Mutual look and feel. 

Process wise this was a unique experience. Except for a brief stint in the very beginning in which we had a UX designer, I was the only designer teamed with a large group of developers as well as a product owner from Liberty Mutual who sat in the room with us on an almost  daily basis. This virtually erased any feedback delays, allowing us to achieve a working app much faster than we would have otherwise. Another benefit that arose out of this team setup was that we intentionally leveraged our developers to make an app that wasn't just easy to use for the end user but easy to maintain for developers. 


Over the course of 90 days,  Liberty Mutual RightTrack observes  your car's  acceleration, braking, mileage and nighttime driving via a plugged in tag, allowing them to grade your driving and give you a discount from 5-30%. 

Safeco RightTrack
Safeco, a brand underneath the Liberty Mutual umbrella, also recieved a version of the app that tracked all of the same stats however would leverage the gps and accelerometers in your phone .


Appropriately named, ByMile is a 'Pay as you drive', allowing low mileage drivers to benefit by only charging you based on the amount of miles that you drove.

Care by Volvo Portal

On top of the main apps I was tasked with designing, I was also asked to redesign a portal in which Volvo agents could look up the status of any driver's application or policy  status directly from Liberty Mutual. the goal was to let an agent look find the policy as fast as possible and use the least amount of pages as possible.

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