The Side Projects 
On top actual projects that had to be done, a few smaller projects came down the pipeline where I was free to have a little bit of fun.

When the project started back in 2017, the team needed to choose a name to be addressed by among the Liberty Mutual Vendors. Inspired by the movie, The Princess Bride, the team decided to go by 'LaROUS'(Large Rodents Of Unusual Size). 

Since then every Design Lead has had the opportunity to rebrand the team and create a new batch of goodies for the team to make.

I took the opportunity to play around typographically instead of continuing the long tradition of rodent illustrations, resulting in a more textural than typographic 'logo'.

Similarly to our own internal team, I also had the opportunity to design new logos for two of Liberty Mutual's internal teams, UBir and the Telematics Tubbies.

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